About Us

In-between is a non-profit organization founded with the goal of supporting children and families undergoing divorce and further on as they adjust to their new families (including blended families).

In-between is the first ever effort to deal systemically with this serious issue.

Our vision is that every child, teenager & parent receive the support they need to cope with the divorce, adjust to the new familial structure, and gain strength through it. We achieve this by embedding awareness, caring, and support in all of the child’s communal circles.

We promote a social partnership within Israeli society towards supporting the wellbeing of children, teenagers, and families undergoing divorce.

We inculcate in Israeli society the notion that, when parents choose to separate, it is part of their parental responsibility to minimize any harm to their children.

We promote the idea of “a separation checklist“, which all separating parents must follow, and which includes guidance on joint parenting and on supporting the children through this period.

On January 2019 we have established the first two support & guidance Israeli centers for children and divorced parents at Holon City and Hof-hasharon regional municipality.


Divorce is a universal phenomenon and a sign of our times. In many western countries, including Israel, divorce rates are high.

A third of Israeli families today experience divorce and there are over a quarter of a million children of divorced parents in Israel.

The process of divorce has emotional, behavioral, health, and economic implications, many of which persist many years beyond the divorce.

Research views this crisis as an experience of loss, not unlike mourning.

Many couples going through divorce experience emotional distress which hampers their ability to function as parents.

The effect of divorce on child development is mostly negative. hence, the tendency nowadays is to view children of divorced parents as at-risk youth.

In about a third of divorce cases the conflict intensifies after separation, with the children used as pawns in it (sometimes to the extent of ‘parental alienation’ or contact failure). As a result, they suffer prolonged trauma and yet their suffering often goes unnoticed.

Unfortunately, awareness of the multiple implications that divorce has on children and society, is sorely lacking.

Against this backdrop, and based on an extensive groundwork, we’ve developed a holistic strategy to cope with this phenomenon and its widespread implications.

In-between has a professional multidisciplinary consultation committee, which consists of academics and professionals in areas of social work, psychology, law, education etc.

We believe that supporting families going through divorce is an investment in three generations at the same time: The family members in the present, the children as future parents, and their children. Today’s children going through divorce are tomorrow’s parents


Increasing public awareness to the challenges facing children and families undergoing divorce or living as a blended family.

Developing tools that can be integrated into the education, welfare, judicial, and health systems.

Increasing the psychological wellness of children and their families – both as a treatment and a preventative measure.

Our goals

Support: development of support and treatment centers dedicated to children and divorced and/or blended families.

Awareness: Increasing social awareness to the individual and societal repercussions of divorce and promoting a sense of social responsibility towards families going through divorce.

Community: harnessing friends, relatives and volunteers to support children and families undergoing divorce.

Guidance and education: promoting up-to-date guidance and education among education, welfare, judicial, and health professionals who interact daily with divorcing or blended families.

Policy and legislation: shaping a pro-active public policy toward the children and their families and harnessing municipal education and welfare systems.

Research: deepening our base of knowledge regarding the ways in which divorce and blended families affect Israeli children and families.

How You Can Help

Your kind support will enable us to help children, youth and families cope with separation, divorce and the challenges of blended families, so that they recover, adjust and gain strength through these life periods.

The donation can also be given in honor or in memory of a dear one.

We are happy to send a letter or certificate authenticating your donation for tax purposes together with the receipt.

Your donation to In-between is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Tax ID 580357556

You are welcome to donate in any of the following ways:

By check: made out to Topaz – Leading Social Innovations, to the address 27 Halechi Bnei Brak 5120042. Please send us an email (hhtopaz@gmail.com) saying that you have transfered a donation to In-Between.

By bank transfer to Discount-bank, Neve-Avivim Branch (118), Bank account 2254001. Please send us an email (hhtopaz@gmail.com) saying that you have transfered a donation to In-Between.

Over the phone:  Call our offices at +972-3- 6194684 or to Michal (General director of In-Between) at +972-54-5622248

Credit Card: https://www.topaz.org.il/?page_id=2403 . Please send us an email (hhtopaz@gmail.com) saying that you have transfered a donation to In-Between.

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